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Oregon National Guard Relief Fund (ONGRF)
As the primary financial assistance program for the active members of the Oregon National Guard the ONGRF provides commanders with an important asset to accomplish their basic command responsibility for morale and welfare of their unit members. 

Eligibility for Assistance.
Only active members in good standing of the Oregon Army and Air National Guard are eligible for assistance from ONGRF.  Soldiers and Airmen who are disciplinary problems or who have a record of unexcused absences will not normally be supported.  Applicants must have at least one year remaining on their current enlistment contract and must be enrolled in Sure-Pay or direct deposit for National Guard pay.  An emergency situation appropriate for ONGRF assistance is one that arises suddenly, is unforeseen, urgent, and requires immediate attention (such as accident, illness, fire or theft).

Types of Assistance Available.
available in the ONGRF are normally used for two purposes: The Loan Fund provides funds to assist soldiers and airman in the Oregon National Guard (ORNG). The Grant Fund provides one time grants to soldiers and airman in the Oregon National Guard (ORNG) and their families, to assist them in payment of their debts, and where repayment of the grant would be difficult or inappropriate.

Assistance Procedures.
The local commander and the chain of command are best able to evaluate a genuine need for financial assistance. Applicants should be counseled by their unit Senior Sergeant or First Sergeant or unit commander, who must approve or disapprove a request for assistance.  A request must also have the approval of the Family Assistance Specialist.  The Family Assistance Specialist may also submit an assistance request on behalf of a unit member, without obtaining concurrence from unit leadership.  In this case this request will be reviewed and approved/disapproved by the State level Family Program Coordinator, before forwarding to ONGRF.  An explanation for the violation of the chain of command should be included. 

  This is a very good search tool using ZIP Code, County, City, or State to locate financial aid, health, shelter, business, and many other resources.  It is a joint effort sponsored by the United Way program. 

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